passive voice

في الجدول التالي سوف تجد ملخص للحالات التي يكون عليها الفعل في المبني للمعلوم و مقابلها ستجد كيف يصبح عندما تتحول الجملة إلى المبني للمجهول.

Tense in the passive

التصريف في المبني للمجهول

Tense in the active

التصريف في المبني للمعلوم


is/are + past participle

John is given a dollar everyday

Present simple

ex: Someone gives John a dollar everyday.


Is/are + being+ past participle

A house is being built

Present continuous

ex: They are building a house.

Was/were + past participle

I was given a present

Past simple

 ex: Someone gave me a present


was/were + being+ past participle

A film was being made

Past continuous

ex: They were making a film

Have/has been+ past perfect

I have been sent a letter

Present Perfect

ex: Someone has sent me a letter.

Had been+ past perfect

I had been sent a letter

Past perfect

ex: Someone had sent me a letter.

Will be+ past participle

The thief  will be caught


ex: They will catch the thief

must /can/should/have to +be + past participle

A solution must be found

must-can-should-have to

ex: They must find a solution

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